Now available on Apple, Google & Spotify! We appreciate that it’s not always possible to grab the time to catch up on our video webinars, and as such we were eager to allow you to do so via a podcast format. With this in mind we’re excited to announce the One MSL Podcast! The One MSL Podcast is a new free learning resource for all your MSL Excellence needs.

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One MSL Podcast is a one-stop shop for all your MSL Excellence needs. Whether you’re an experienced MSL, a new medical affairs hire or just looking to up-skill yourself on the role of medical science liaison, this podcast has something for everyone.

Episode topics vary but focus primarily on the challenges and opportunities that MSLs face in the ever-changing medical affairs landscape. Our interviews with industry experts provide an insight into industry trends, leadership perspectives, and strategies for optimised communication for a wide range of medical colleagues. The path to MSL Excellence is diverse and ever-changing, and we keep this in mind when creating new podcast content.

Tune into the One MSL Podcast today to upskill and enjoy when it suits you.

The Power of Four in Early Life-cycle Engagement

Findings from our 2022 Global Survey show that MSLs are engaging externally as early as Phase 1 of the clinical development programme. This finding led to a conversation between Helen Kane, Paul Reynolds, Sanda Rocak & Esther Nzenza, in which they started to explore what MSLs and the wider team needed to know and do to be effective in early life-cycle engagement.

The Aspiring MSL Session 2022

Looking to secure your first MSL position and eager to learn more about the role? We’ve got you covered! Join Helen Kane, One MSL CEO & Heather Senior, MSL Expert Trainer today.

How to be best-in-class: knowledge, skills & behaviours

Join Helen Kane, One MSL CEO and Kevin Woodhams, One MSL L&D Lead as they explore what it takes be best-in-class for modern medical functions.

The Essentials of Coaching with Kevin Woodhams

Join Kevin Woodhams, One MSL L&D Lead and Helen Kane, One MSL CEO as they explore the essentials of coaching for modern medical professionals.

The Aspiring MSL

Join Helen Kane, One MSL CEO and Heather Senior, One MSL Onboarding Lead as they explore the current reality for the Aspiring MSL. What does the pathway to interview look like now and what is required to secure the right role for you?

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