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One Academy offers a comprehensive curriculum of CPD-accredited content for new-to-role MSLs, in-role MSLs and Medical Leaders. One Academy subscribers can focus on preferred content when it suits them and empowers users to dictate the direction of their own professional development.

The antidote to learning fatigue is relevance

One Academy provides a comprehensive learning curriculum that is tailored to the specific requirements of Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), both new and experienced, as well as Medical Leaders.

Dynamic Learning

This dynamic educational offering gives learners the ability to select relevant content that supports their own personal development goals.

Latest Training

With a commitment to continuous improvement, One Academy is consistently updated with new courses in line with development of industry best practice.


‘CPD-accredited modules’ & ‘Enables self-development journey’.

Live webinars

Gain access to 12 live webinars per year led by topic-experts and bring your learnings into greater focus.

Additional Support

The team of experts at One MSL can also provide additional support and guidance throughout the learning process, setting learners up for success in every stage of their MSL career.

One Academy Features


CPD accredited modules


Blended learning


Enables self development journey


Adult learning principles


Agile Learning Management System


Bespoke curriculum


Annual access to 12+ live & expert-led webinars


Use as the basis for further trainings


Invaluable aid for MSL onboarding

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Success Stories

"High quality outputs within the time and budget promised"

It was a great experience and we got high quality outputs within the time and budget promised. Definitely recommend speaking with them if you have similar learning and development needs.

"Invaluable Resource"

One MSL are an invaluable resource for any company at any point in their MSL journey. I positively encourage anyone to engage with One MSL to help create, improve and maintain your MSL function.

"Perfect solution for our needs"

The One MSL team was fantastic to work with. They have deep expertise in the design of Learning and Development processes and were able to guide us in developing the perfect solution for our needs

"That extra support made my life much better."

It was a great experience working with the One MSL team. In particular, getting the support for our various internal awareness and buy-in meetings with management was extremely helpful and contributed to the acceptance and success of the project. That extra support made my life much better.

"True experts"

One MSL are true experts and, very importantly, grounded by decades of hands-on experience in producing excellence in Medical Science Liaisons.  They know how the true value of MSLs can be achieved, whilst avoiding the obvious and not so obvious pitfalls. They clearly put their customer at the heart of what they do and produce the very best outcome for them.


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